CNRA/USSF Registration Renewal for 2014


0. Go to and login

1. Update/Correct all of your personal information in “My Info”

2. From the Main Menu on the left, Click on “Courses” (All Registration choices are contained under “Courses”.  This is where you will select from your available Registration choices.)

3. Select and click on the “Course” you wish to Register. i.e. Referee Courses - Courses for Referee Users (if you require multiple registrations ie (referee, instructor, assessor… you must do each registration individually.)


Far West Regionals 2013

Far West 2013

2013 Far West Regionals, Here We Come.
On June 17th thru June 23rd the Pleasanton Soccer Referee (PSRA) will be represented at the 2013 US Youth Soccer Far West Regional Championships taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii. Making the trip will be Kyle Wiest, Erica Kuo, and Tim Kirk, who will be joining a delegation of 26 other referees and 9 assessors from Cal-North. Follow their referee exploits while the State Champions of all 14 western United States compete to be crowned the Region IV – Far West Regional Champions.

2013 Game Day Procedures For D1 and D3

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Referees, you must be aware of the differences in procedures and rules for Division 1 and Division 3 level games, including Division 4 (recreational).
Part of being a professional is knowing the details about your game, including game lengths, send-off procedures, substitutions and the like. Take a look at these links for game day procedures you'll need before you go out to the field. Send one of us a note if you have further questions.  Make sure you know what to do if there is a Red card before your game, not after!


2012/13 LOTG and Advice to Referees

For the most current information on the Laws of the Game (LOTG), Advice to Referees, Position Papers, videos, training and more, visit the Referees section of or


Match Lengths Cheat Sheet

We've compiled a spreadsheet showing the game lengths, halftime lengths and other info for each league you might be working.

Click on the link and bookmark for future reference. Let us know if you find any discrepancies and we will sort them out.

NorCal State Cup Programs & Info

Be informed before you get to your matches! Programs for each age group are available at this link on the NorCal Premier Soccer website.
Each program has rules, game-day procedures, red card info and lists each team by ranking and groups.
Also, take a look at this link on the NorCal website for 2012/13 State Cup Knockout Phase for U14-U19, which provides schedules, results, brackets, and more.

Featured Referee Video

Referee Video

Daily Referee Quiz

Daily Quiz -

FIFA Laws of the Game Quiz and More
  • A player takes a corner kick. The ball hits the goal post and then enters the goal as a team-mate of the kicker is in an offside position standing next to a defender. What decision should the referee make?
    (a)  The referee allows the goal.
    (b)  The referee has the corner kick retaken.
    (c)  The referee should disallow the goal and award a goal kick for the team-mate interfering with play.
    (d)  The referee should disallow the goal and award an indirect free kick to the opposing team for the team-mate interfering with play.

  • Indicate which of the following statements is correct, regarding the type of reasons why a player can leave the field of play without prior permission from the referee.
    (a)  A player can never leave the field of play without the permission of the referee.
    (b)  A player can leave the field of play at any time.
    (c)  A player can leave the field of play if he is injured.
    (d)  None of the answers is correct.

  • If a defender commits an offence on the line of his penalty area when the ball is in play, the restart is...
    (a)  an indirect free kick, penalty kick or dropped ball.
    (b)  a direct free kick, indirect free kick or dropped ball.
    (c)  a dropped ball.
    (d)  a penalty kick.

  • A player hears a whistle and picks the ball up with his hands in the centre of the field of play. What decision should the referee make?
    (a)  The referee cautions the player for unsporting behaviour and awards a direct free kick.
    (b)  The referee awards a direct free kick.
    (c)  The referee awards a dropped ball.
    (d)  The referee awards an indirect free kick.

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